What is cPanel and why do I need it?

cPanel is a hosting management software that allows clients to quickly and easily access all their files. It is also capable of creating, updating, and deleting domain records on the internet when required.

Applauded for it's full highlights and convenience and being used in the hundreds and thousands websites and applications across the world, cPanel empowers clients to achieve possibly troublesome assignments easily while remains still easy to use for beginners..

Hosting companies permit you to 'lease' space on their server, so you can store your site documents and files and give the data transmission you really want to your guests to get to your site.

Some of the most popular applications using cPanel include WordPress, Joomla, and Magento.

In addition, cPanel provides easy-to-use tools for email accounts to manage your business easily. You get full control to manage your entire web hosting account.

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