How do I get started with a website?

To create a website, you’ll have to coordinate several of steps, and picking a web host provider is just one of them.

Register a domain: You’ll buy this from a domain name registrar like, Bluehost, GoDaddy, or Google Domain, just to name a few. Or you can use our intuitive domain search tool to search for the desired domain here.

You pick a unique name to simplify people remembering your IP address (which is just a string of numbers). It’s much easier to remember “” than “,” for example. The domain is the same no matter who you buy it from, but the pricing is different depending on services and add-ons.

Nameservers (DNS): The nameserver is the middle man that points your website visitors toward the correct IP address. Many times the same company will provide both your registrar and DNS services, but you can choose to go with a different DNS if you want. Some common ones are CloudFlare, OpenDNS, CleanBrowsing, and Google Public DNS.

Web hosting: The actual files that make up the website reside in a server maintained by your web hosting company. Again, this can be the same company as your registrar and DNS server, or you can use a different one for this part of the process. At HostMate we try our best to offer the best price/quality ration to our customers.

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